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01 Mar 2021

Tag: wine tasting


The MaxiMarc Wine Winery – Where dreams become wines 

Originally published in Romanian in The tradition of family wine cellars is just sprouting in Romania. The oldest ones are barely at the second generation. In this landscape, a young wine cellar, set up in 2016, bearing the name of the heirs of the…


The Magic of Jidvei 

The first thing you have to know about Jidvei is that this is a place in Transylvania where magic comes to life as wine and where efficiency reigns supreme. Get ready to be impressed by the scale of the operations, the beauty of the sites…

Romanian Wines

A Pocket Guide- White Romanian Grapes- Feteasca Alba 

Before delving into another delicious and delicate white grape variety, let’s just take a moment and think about vine pests. Some of the grapes and therefore wines we know today in Europe are the result of fighting the great phylloxera invasion of the late XIX-th…