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12 Apr 2021

Category: Wineries


MARAMA- Stories from the Crown Domain Segarcea 

Wine is among the few drinks for which the stories woven around them can bring them up to a  sacred level. In fact, without a story around it, wine is flat and worthless. It comes to life when it is connected to a place, a…


#Transylwine at Liliac- Transylvanian terroir 

Visiting Transylvania with the almost mandatory stops at Sibiu, Sighisoara or Brasov has already been ticked off the bucket lists of most Romanian and foreign tourists. Before you set up for an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey or Greece, remember that the Clock’s Tower in Sighisoara…


Domaine Vinarte- Tradition, reinvention, evolution 

Rethinking strategies, conquering new markets, making major investments în wine tourism, and rebranding to keep up with the times, this is what is on Vinarte’s agenda in 2019. As they turn 20 years old in business, Vinarte announces some philosophy changes and wants a redefinition, in…


The MaxiMarc Wine Winery – Where dreams become wines 

Originally published in Romanian in The tradition of family wine cellars is just sprouting in Romania. The oldest ones are barely at the second generation. In this landscape, a young wine cellar, set up in 2016, bearing the name of the heirs of the…


The Magic of Jidvei 

The first thing you have to know about Jidvei is that this is a place in Transylvania where magic comes to life as wine and where efficiency reigns supreme. Get ready to be impressed by the scale of the operations, the beauty of the sites…


Valahorum- Essence de Roumanie 

What do you do when you’re already at Apogeum in the wine world, but you want more? You start to look for meaning,  embracing traditions and looking for companions who share your vision. This is how the Valahorum project was born, a collaboration between three…

Romanian Wines

The 3Vs of Cotnari: Vine, Volume, and Vision 

Cotnari is located in the eastern part of Romania. It is almost at the end of the grape-growing band of the Northen hemisphere, around 47 degrees, like Tokaji and Champagne. The designation “Cotnari” is the name of a village, a PGI, a traditional winery and part of…


The WINEding Roads of Moldova 

Moldova is the seventh least visited country, right after North Korea, but you can think of it as a well-kept treasure ready to be discovered. And that is precisely what their national office for tourism and other local agencies are aiming for through the #BeOurGuest program…


Thesaurus Winery – One of the hidden treasures of Silagiu 

Romania is housing a couple of boutique wineries, most inspired by a New World approach. Some of these even have hired foreign winemakers who are eager to experiment and bring their know-how to create local brands. Thesaurus has become the second home of David Lockley,…