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12 Apr 2021

Category: Wineology


The Flowers of Evil- Wine faults 

Wet dog? Barnyard smell? Pickled cabbage? Rotten apples? Vinegar? Glue? Mold? Nobody likes such attributes in their wine tasting notes. Unfortunately, sometimes even if manufacturers, distributors, and even consumers try their best, the wine ending up in our glasses has one of these defects. What…


Ladies of Wine 

Wine is a traditionally a men’s world, yet some exceptions can inspire us. There are even Romanian ladies who already are a reference name in the world of wine. The ancient goddesses Long before Bachus and Dionysus, about 5,000 years ago, Gestin was revered in…


How to enjoy red wine 

A romantic autumn evening, a party with friends or even a wedding, all deserve the elegance of red wine. Something in the ruby color makes us think of love, passion and the joy to live. However, like life, the wine must be understood and treated…