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20 Jan 2021

Category: Uncategorized


The Romanian Rosé Wines through the eyes of Elizabeth Gabay MW 

Meeting the author of a book on a niche subject like rosé wines is an honor, and an excellent opportunity to satisfy your inner imbibe geek. Elizabeth Gabay MW is the mastermind behind Rosé- Understanding the Pink Revolution;  the volume covers history, viticulture, classical and…


MARAMA- Stories from the Crown Domain Segarcea 

Wine is among the few drinks for which the stories woven around them can bring them up to a  sacred level. In fact, without a story around it, wine is flat and worthless. It comes to life when it is connected to a place, a…


Wine-from legend to country brand 

In the centennial year, there is a lot of talk about getting closer to Moldova. When it comes to the country’s brand related to wine, the Moldovans should be appreciated and closely watched. The first airport of wine was already inaugurated in Chisinau in the…