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22 Aug 2019

Category: Trends


The Flowers of Evil- Wine faults 

Wet dog? Barnyard smell? Pickled cabbage? Rotten apples? Vinegar? Glue? Mold? Nobody likes such attributes in their wine tasting notes. Unfortunately, sometimes even if manufacturers, distributors, and even consumers try their best, the wine ending up in our glasses has one of these defects. What…


5 lessons from craft beers for wineries 

Beer is the start-up; wine is the corporation. While the beer market is agile, flexible, and reacts within a few months, the wine seems to have frozen in a past era. Lumbersexuals in printed t-shirts are getting ahead the sommeliers with white gloves. The explosion...

Wine-from legend to country brand 

In the centennial year, there is a lot of talk about getting closer to Moldova. When it comes to the country’s brand related to wine, the Moldovans should be appreciated and closely watched. The first airport of wine was already inaugurated in Chisinau in the...