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02 Jul 2020

Category: Romanian Wines

Romanian Wines

Băbească Neagră – an ignored beauty 

Băbeasca Neagră (which roughly translates to “old lady’s black grape”) is the second most widespread indigenous red grape in Romania (2590 ha), after Feteasca Neagră (3090 ha), although the presence on the shelves gives no hint about this at all. Most producers overlooked this variety...

MARAMA- Stories from the Crown Domain Segarcea 

Wine is among the few drinks for which the stories woven around them can bring them up to a  sacred level. In fact, without a story around it, wine is flat and worthless. It comes to life when it is connected to a place, a…

Romanian Wines

The 3Vs of Cotnari: Vine, Volume, and Vision 

Cotnari is located in the eastern part of Romania. It is almost at the end of the grape-growing band of the Northen hemisphere, around 47 degrees, like Tokaji and Champagne. The designation "Cotnari" is the name of a village, a PGI, a traditional winery and part of...
Romanian Wines

A Pocket Guide- Red Romanian Grapes- Negru de Dragasani 

This year Romania celebrates 100 years as a unified county, but for several centuries before the region’s historical provinces spoke a common language and shared similar customs and traditions. These included a talent for viticulture and passionate appreciation for wine. Today, the passion persists, and viticulture...
Romanian Wines

A Pocket Guide- White Romanian Grapes- Feteasca Alba 

Before delving into another delicious and delicate white grape variety, let's just take a moment and think about vine pests. Some of the grapes and therefore wines we know today in Europe are the result of fighting the great phylloxera invasion of the late XIX-th...