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13 Aug 2020


The Romanian Rosé Wines through the eyes of Elizabeth Gabay MW

Meeting the author of a book on a niche subject like rosé wines is an honor, and an excellent opportunity to satisfy your inner imbibe geek. Elizabeth Gabay MW is the mastermind behind Rosé- Understanding the Pink Revolution;  the volume covers history, viticulture, classical and…

MARAMA- Stories from the Crown Domain Segarcea

Wine is among the few drinks for which the stories woven around them can bring them up to a  sacred level. In fact, without a story around it, wine is flat and worthless. It comes to life when it is connected to a place, a…

24K Gold Leaf Steak Burger at Hard Rock Cafe

Five years after a Chelsea restaurant brought the gold leaf burger to the public at the prohibitive price of 1100 pounds, Hard Rock Cafe democratizes luxury and introduces a glam rock food: the 24K Gold Leaf Steak Burger. Although gold tastes neutral, it can be…

Romanian Wines

Băbească Neagră – an ignored beauty 

Babeasca neagra structura arome
Băbeasca Neagră (which roughly translates to “old lady’s black grape”) is the second most widespread indigenous red grape in Romania (2590 ha), after Feteasca Neagră (3090 ha), although the presence on the shelves gives no hint about this at all. Most producers overlooked this variety...
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How to choose wine for a fancy wedding 

wine at fancy weddings

If you ask any bride, between the veil type and the wine type, she will give more importance to the first problem. Unfortunately, this approach will not improve the value of the wedding or that of the gift, for those who care about this aspect….

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The Flowers of Evil- Wine faults 

Wet dog? Barnyard smell? Pickled cabbage? Rotten apples? Vinegar? Glue? Mold? Nobody likes such attributes in their wine tasting notes. Unfortunately, sometimes even if manufacturers, distributors, and even consumers try their best, the wine ending up in our glasses has one of these defects. What…

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#Transylwine at Liliac- Transylvanian terroir 

Visiting Transylvania with the almost mandatory stops at Sibiu, Sighisoara or Brasov has already been ticked off the bucket lists of most Romanian and foreign tourists. Before you set up for an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey or Greece, remember that the Clock’s Tower in Sighisoara…

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