TASTE Wine & Food

Romanian hospitality includes offering guests the best food and drinks available. We do this digitally by presenting you with a glass of our finest offerings and a bite of mouth-watering goodies.

Find out about the latest gems in the local wine industry, visit the best wineries and tell us your impressions.

TELL Stories

The world of Romanian wine is full of legends and mystery startingย more than 2000 years ago. We bring you the stories that have been handed down from one generation to the other from the winery owners themselves.

Also, follow us for inspiring reports about new blood in the world of Romanian wine-crafting business.

INSPIRE Travelers

Romania offers a great value for money and has become a popular destination for foreign tourists of all ages. If you too think about visiting us, forget about Dracula, better ask about wine.

We aim to bring you inside info on wineries, great restaurants, and specialty wine bars to add to your Romanian experience.