New Menu from The Wine Club by Vinexpert

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One of the most significant gains from globalization is the extensive selection of native food and wines you can now taste in a restaurant near you. This doesn’t take the fun out of traveling and discovering far away cultures through their meals and drinks; it merely opens up your appetite for such experiences. If you are in the mood for international cuisine in Downtown Bucharest, paired with wines from vineyards which you’ve only seen on a map, why not visit The Wine Club Bistro by Vinexpert?

The only place they don’t (yet) have a wine from is Antarctica, but they make due with 1000 other wines from all over the world. The cool thing is that you can taste more than 100 of these by the glass. No need to have a whole party with you or leave the place tipsy.

Eat local, think global


Last week I attended the delicious and mouthwatering party dedicated to the new menu at Vinexpert. The welcoming drink you can see in the first pic is a summer night’s delight. It’s Cava Sangria Orange – created with Pere Ventura Cava and fresh fruit pieces. It’s like a  holiday in Spain you can sip from a glass.

The new food list celebrates the centenary of Romania, in a European and global context. The dishes wanted to reflect that philosophy and aim to be a friendly companion for most of the wines listed.

Without further ado, here are the delicacies and some suggested wine pairings:

– The star Plateau Centenary of Romania, specially designed for this anniversary year. It has boiled dry sausage of wild boar, Mangalita sausage, Transylvanian salami, homemade ham, bell pepper truffles, basil cheeses and peppers, Apuseni cheese, onion red, pepper, pear, and pretzels. This is some heavy-weight Romanian food which needs a robust red next to it. For the full authentic experience, go for a Feteasca Neagra. Otherwise, a strong Italian blend like a Rosso di Montalcino would do justice to the creation.

Other delights included:

– Tuna and salmon tartar with black caviar and forest fruits served with crostini next to which I would sip with a native Zghihara or a Chablis if you want to go international.

– Quesadillas (turkey breast, home-made pork ham, mushrooms and red beans) with three-color vegetables, cheese, salad and sauces out of which I loved the yogurt one.

– Empanadas with meat served with wine sauce, and empanadas with spinach and noble cheeses served with yogurt sauce and herbs. This just scream for a rose from Syrah or even one from Negru de Dragasani.

– Rustic omelet with vegetables served with dry crusty salami and crostini- it must have been very good since I’ve never got a bite. It evaporated while I was updating an Instagram status.


Life is short, eat dessert and drink sparkling wine

They saved the best for last and treated us to a dessert in a glass. The home-made parfait with forest fruits and biscuit crumble garnished with fresh raspberries was the delight of the evening for me. I have

a sweet tooth, and I can’t say „no” to a tasty dessert.

I paired this with the other surprise of the evening. A Rose Sangria made from cava, cherry liquor and garnished with more berries. The cava used for this one is called Barcelona Chic.😉

How cool is that?