Lechburg Tasting @ Lovin’ Winebar & Bistro

2 min

If you are stuck in the big city during the summertime, one of the best past times in the evening is to attend wine tastings. Without any exaggeration, you can probably find at least one every day, or more.

Most are hosted by boutique wine bars, in a cozy atmosphere, with 20-30 guests maximum. Even if you don’t know anybody there, go ahead and make a reservation. You’ll only feel awkward for at most five minutes until the first glass of wine arrives.

Lechburg Winery Intro

This Tuesday I decided it was time to see the terrace of Lovin’ Winebar & Bistro, which has a rustic feeling given by the wood and display of old wine bottles. The star of the evening was the Lechburg Winery from Lechinta, Transylvania. This is one of the few Romanian producers who got the Organic Wine stamp of approval for their wines. Our host, Alina, together with a Private Sommelier told us about the particularities of the terroir, which in a nutshell translate to high acidity and great aromas and about the production method which relies on cement vats. These are not the old communist tools, but controlled temperature ones.

The Wines & Food

The proposed lineup consisted of 5 white wines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Feteasca Alba, Gewürztraminer, and a rose called Rockrose. Delicious platters with various bruschetta also graced the table.

Lechburg Chardonnay

The pale yellow created 100% from Chardonnay grapes came with a punch of acidity and a beautiful bouquet of stone fruits. It included peach, quince, a bit of melon or pear. The taste was more on green notes, mostly apple. Since it was not oaked, it retained the entire character of the fruits and had a mineral, refreshing note.

Lechburg Sauvignon Blanc

Here is a great local example of New World style for a Sauvignon. It’s a carousel of tropical fruits, starting with grapefruit, but also including mango, cantaloupe, and passion fruit. It comes with high acidity and high alcohol and a medium body. Great pairing for the provided bruschetta which has some fat.

Lechburg Riesling

The traditional petrol/kerosene smell was very present in the nose announcing a true Rhine Riesling. Some fruits including apricot and pear were present, together with a hint of white flowers. The high acidity was well balanced in this one, and the alcohol was not pungent.

Lechburg Royal Feteasca

The most mellow wine of the evening. Delicate nose of white flowers and freshly dried hay. Neutral taste with a slightly off-balanced acidity. Good to pair with seafood or to mix with soda for a summer spritz.

Lechburg Gewürztraminer

This aromatic wine came with an explosion of flowers and fruits. You could smell roses, lychee, ginger and a bit of honey. The taste did not confirm all the aromas but it was full and robust, and although this was a dry wine, due to the intense aromas it could please even those who love a sweeter number.

Lechburg Rockrose

This pink number crated from Pinot Grigio ended the evening. It seemed a bit flat after the flamboyant number of the Gewürztraminer, but the red fruit notes would make a great choice for summer. I assume the “rock” from the name comes as a reference to its mineral character.